Behind Marketing interview with K-Radio

I trade as a personal brand, what I figured out was it’s easy to put a name & a face together when it’s a personal brand as compared to a business.

In a business there’s less accountability, I can say my designer didn’t do ABC, I have to follow up while if you’re dealing with a personal brand which is me, then you know that you’re going to hold me accountable. So I figured it’s better and easier to trade as a personal brand…

You have to know what you want to achieve in the next couple of days, weeks, years & so on. For me, I really wanted to be able to diversify my work. Yes everybody else can do business cards and signage and all these things but that’s like everyday work. I wanted a challenge.

So because of that I just started out trying things and whenever I travel I make sure I put my work out there. Before I travel, I post some of my work, targeted ads especially for South Africa so that even when I’m there & I’m doing my one minute pitch, they are able to appreciate the work I’ve put out. So you have to be strategic with how you want to put your work out”

If you missed out on my interview with K-Radio, you can stream/download it here