We all have stories about life that we tell or would like to tell, but we don’t know how to put them in context so that they don’t sound off, or as if they are a pity party.

Often times, we get accustomed to running away from our stories by creating facades to shield our own truths from the world, but mostly from ourselves as a defensive mechanism, well, i am saying this, because i know better….lol.

in that regard, here is a piece I did as an interlude on my friend Marumbo Sichinga’s ‘Things I Wish I Said‘ EP. My piece is titled ‘vida‘, which is Portuguese for ‘life‘.

here goes vida

mother told me to not get attached to anything in this life
but she forgot to mention that:

love might come, with a shotgun
2 love can leave you without air, like a short run
3. love will leave you hurt, in the long run
4. the love you give, won’t be the love you get
5. many will love the idea of you, but will lack the maturity to handle the reality of you

but she forgot to mention that:
1. falling in love and catching bullets are sorts of the same thing
2. you can’t find love if you’re always in a fling
3. you can’t build trust if your phone always has a pin
4. before you let others in, let go of some old sin

last but not least, she
5. strive to be humble, because ego is not your amigo

Stream/Download ‘vida‘ here: